cupid 911

We had an emergency late tonight. It went something like this:

Austin: Mom, I really need your help.
Me: What's up?
Austin: I thought prom was in three weeks, but it's this Saturday.
Me: Are you planning on asking someone?
Austin: Well, yeah, but I don't know how to do it.
Me: Can you just call her on the phone?
Austin: That's so...you know...boring.

Somewhere, sometime, long, long ago, somebody decided that in order to ask someone to a dance it needed to be more than just a polite question. "Would you like to attend the prom with me?" "Oh, I would be thrilled!" Sounds good to me. It's just too easy, I guess.

We're new at this. Austin only has one "semi-official" date under his belt. So we put our heads together, sat down at the computer, sent Chad to the grocery store for fortune cookies and Panda Express for a take-out box. We replaced one fortune in a cookie with "The Invitation to Prom," filled a take-out box full of the fortune cookies, and within thirty minutes Austin was out the door to deliver his request.

Confucius says boys who are slow to ask girls to prom are fortunate to have a smart cookie for a mom.


please, oh please!

Please, please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top, will you please watch this video and then rate it? This is a video Clay made for a contest sponsored by our credit union. Prize? $1,000. Not a bad dent in a mission or college fund...


When you rate it, just click on the highest star you think it deserves (not one at a time). The more people who rate Clay's film with a high rating, the higher his film will move up in ranks. Help us out, people!

Disclaimer: None of the actors were paid. Okay, they are not even professionals. Actually, they are not really actors. And they hardly even practiced. And they are not for hire. And it was a windy day. All names have been changed to protect the innocent. Except "Mom." And she wasn't even that good.

If, and I mean IF, Clay gets a good rating (like four or five stars), he may even do a sequel. Lucky you. And I promise I'll rehearse next time.


holey moley

Folding laundry today I discovered this:

These are all of Adam's jeans. I know distressed is in, but this is ridiculous.

I'm afraid other kids will say, "Nice pants." And not in the Dockers commercial "Nice pants" kind of way. Looks like it's time for some new jeans.