Spring has sprung!

Oops! I spoke too soon.


b is for...

B is for baptism. My niece, Emma, was baptized last Saturday.
B is for beautiful. Isn't she beautiful?

B is for baby. This is Baby Ruby. She is Emma's new little sister.
B is for blessing. Baby Ruby was blessed last Saturday.

B is for big. This is a big yawn.
Baby Ruby was tired after such a beautiful day.


sugar bugs be gone!

Just because my dad is a dentist doesn't mean I don't get cavities. Truth be told, I forget to brush occasionally. Sometimes I'm just too tired. Just like my dad warned me, I ended up with a cavity. So today I'm visiting my dad's office. He's going to get the sugar bugs out. And I'm going to be brave. Very, very brave.

Jenni is my dad's helper. She is putting this funny elephant mask on me. I think it looks more like a Star Wars mask, but I won't tell Jenni. I don't want to make her feel bad. Jenni thinks I'm brave. Very, very brave. And cool. Very, very cool.

Jenni said the elephant mask will make me feel funny. I don't think I need a mask to feel funny. My mom already thinks I'm funny. Very, very funny.

Whoa. Now I'm feeling funny. And kind of fuzzy. Very, very fuzzy.

I'm getting a little nervous. Do you think I look nervous? Very, very nervous?

My dad must be really brave to put his fingers in my mouth. I hope I don't bite him. I bet he hopes I don't bite him either. These glasses make me look cool. Very, very cool.

I'm keeping my arms straight down by my sides just like a soldier. That way I won't grab the sharp instruments. That would be bad. Very, very bad.

My mom said that if she wasn't married to my dentist, she would stop brushing her teeth forever just so she could go see him more often. I think my mom is funny. Very, very funny.


twinkle, twinkle little star

Guess who is Star of the Week at preschool this week... Yup. It's Adam. According to Adam, Star of the Week means you get to sit in The Big Chair, be The Line Leader, and bring The Snack to share with the class.

It's definitely cool to be Star of the Week.

It's also enough to make any little four year old boy get a little wild and crazy.

It's good to be a star.

Shine on!