it's the thought that counts, right?

Adam, who is four, likes to climb in our bed in the early morning hours. This morning was no different. Except that today is my birthday. We had this conversation when he woke up:

Adam: You like hot cereal for breakfast, right?
Me: Yes.
Adam: With just bananas, right?
Me: Right.
Adam: And how much water do you put in it?
Me: Half a cup.
Adam: So how will I know what buttons to push on the microwave?
Me: Why's that?
Adam: I want to bring you breakfast in bed.

So of course I got up and made it with a little help from Adam, but he was so sweet to think of it on his own. I took the picture with my new 50mm 1.8 lens from Chad. The black candles...they are left over from my last birthday so you know I am on the other side of 40 now. All of the sudden 40 doesn't sound too bad!


homefun #4

This week's assignment: candid and posed portraits. I didn't really get a "candid" shot but I'm not really going for the "posed" look either. Just somewhere in between. I am trying to learn to use natural light...so I guess I'm in the "no flash" camp. I used a flash on photo #4 and I think it shows. The more I learn, the more I realize there is to learn...

A big thank you to my kids and their friends for being my willing subjects week after week after week after week. Like they say, practice makes perfect...and I've got a long way to go!


homefun #3

Taking a photography course in the winter is proving to be tricky. I can think of so many wonderful shots that could be taken in the summer. But winter...gotta think a little bit more. I took my camera along on a trip to the library. Our assignment this week: one photo with short depth of field (the amount of the picture in focus) and one photo with a longer depth of field.



Happy Valentine's Day!


hair today, gone tomorrow

I signed Adam up for Itty Bitty Ball--a four day program at our rec center that exposes kids to all kinds of sports involving balls. Yesterday focused on basketball. While eating lunch before Itty Bitty Ball we had this conversation:

Adam: I'm going to get hair under my arms.
Me: Why do you think that?
Adam: Whenever Austin comes home from basketball he has lots of hair under his arms.

Just don't grow up too fast!


homefun #2

All this spinning is making me dizzy. Our assignment this week was two photos: the first using a slow shutter speed and the second using a fast shutter speed.

Kendall was a good sport and spun 'round and 'round for me.
I was glad to be on the other end of the camera.


live at the grand ole opry

We were in Nashville last week. You know, Country Music City, USA. While there we met up with:

Yup. Mr. Garth Brooks. Who says real men
and cowboys don't wear pink?

We must not have "friends in low places" because we had front row seats.

We didn't leave with any "unanswered prayers."
He sang every one of them.

We were glad we "showed up in boots."
It was definitely not a black tie affair.

Thanks, Mr. Brooks, for playing long into the night...
and we "ain't goin' down 'til the sun comes up!"



Homework just doesn't seem like the right word...so...homefun. This is my first assignment for my photography class. One black and white photo showing contrast and texture; two shots using lighting before 9 a.m. or after 3 p.m.