b is for...

B is for baptism. My niece, Emma, was baptized last Saturday.
B is for beautiful. Isn't she beautiful?

B is for baby. This is Baby Ruby. She is Emma's new little sister.
B is for blessing. Baby Ruby was blessed last Saturday.

B is for big. This is a big yawn.
Baby Ruby was tired after such a beautiful day.


Heeere's J-dude: said...

You are a VERY talented photographer! And a very creative blogger. I'm glad you found me - let's be friends.

Although sometimes when I find really talented bloggers like you I get a complex. I'm working on that. :)

Nice to meet you (Just curious - how did you find me - blog to blog to blog?? or someone in particular. I like to figure tings like that out. Its sorta like the 'Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon but with blogging) - and yes, she IS beautiful!

PS: I love the Star of the Week pics - I wish so bad I could do that to a pic. I'll figure it out someday - I'm good at figuring things out.

nicole said...

Oh Lynette! I love those pictures! SO awesome! I'm sure steph is thrilled with them.

Heeere's J-dude: said...

I went on Nicole Hill's blog just yesterday so, yes, you are still young enough to remember simple unimportant things. Those cute little kids in the PJs that keep popping up are my good friend Sherry's grandkids. Her daughter, Kristin, is the one that send NH the cool stationary. But alas, I digress in my name dropping of famous people when I am yet a lowly writer trying to make it big in the blogger world. We, the two of us, will 'blog' and 'point and shoot' our ways to stardom - together. I've got your back, girl, if you've got mine!

Maryanne said...

How lucky are your nieces to have a professional photographer for their aunt?! Gorgeous.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Lovely photos, Lynette. Better than lovely.

B is also for baby kitten. Are you sure you don't want one?

Where exactly is your cousin's restaurant? East or west side of State Street. Yes, Phil should take me there to eat. And many other places too.