3, 2, 1...it's your birthday!

Kendall started her birthday countown a month ago. Her big day has finally arrived! Kendall turns nine years old today. Her birthday requests: crepes for breakfast, lasagna for dinner, and North Pole Toffee Cake...our family birthday favorite. Easy enough!

Can you guess what the first thing was that people noticed about Kendall when she was a baby?

This is my favorite picture of Kendall when she was a little girl. I'm not quite sure why...I've just always loved it.

I found a list of things that Kendall wrote about herself recently. I couldn't have described her any better myself. Introducing Kendall...in her own words:

  1. Blue eyes

  2. Brown hair

  3. Long eyelashes

  4. Happy smile

  5. Cute person

  6. Loves her dog Hazel

  7. Has one sister

  8. Has four brothers

  9. Loves her family

  10. Always chooses the right

  11. Gets really good grades

  12. Makes people happy

  13. Has a kind heart

  14. A good friend

  15. Has good friends

  16. Happy as can be

  17. Loves her parents

  18. Has a helping heart

  19. Has people who love her

  20. Finds everything happy

Kendall, you are a sweetheart. I hope you never ever change. Happy, happy birthday!


Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Kendall! What a beautiful child, inside and out. That birthday dessert sounds interesting.

nicole said...

I love this. Kendall is such a sweetheart. I miss all your kids. She was the most beautiful toddler and it looks like the years will continue to be kind to her. Beautiful!

Justin & Di said...

Wow she is beautiful...Dad better have a BIG gun when she is 16...j/k.. hey we just made our blog private so email me and I will add you...Steph said she is excited for next weekend..you better show pictures of Garth's house...Lucky

Maryanne said...

You've had a busy birthday week! What an adorable self-description. Kendall is a doll!

p.s. North Pole Toffee Cake?? Sounds like I need the recipe for that :)

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Are your children gorgeous enough? Amazing, simply amazing!

I second it, we need the recipe.