Not only is Lynne a prolfic writer, she's also a prolific mathematician. She even did the math before I did. After completing my computations, I checked my answer against hers and lo and behold I was wrong. She even calculated in Leap Year. Now that's thinking ahead! The sheer number of socks makes me dizzy. Downright nauseous. Is there life after socks???

Now the Big Question is: Would Lynne like the five handmade cards for various occasions, or will she choose the "single socks" in my laundry room? Since these are "mateless" are they considered premarital socks?


nicole said...
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nicole said...

Actually, if you want to be technical, they once had a mate. So I guess they'd be widows/widowers or divorcees. Or maybe just "separated".

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Oh, my. The choice is so hard. I mean, some of those socks could find a new mate at my house and then we could have little socklets running around. Do you think?

Then again. No thanks. The kids are gone, I went through the HUGE pile they left behind and every sock I could match went in a bag and they all got donated to a family in the neighborhood who adopts handicapped kids. (I left them on the porch. Don't tell.) You won't believe this--they had 13 of their own kids and adopted either 8 or 9 with disabilities. Whew!

So...the cards, please. I can hardly wait.

How do I get my address to you safely?

Lynette said...

Is it okay if I safely looked in the phone book? Isn't modern technology WONDERFUL! Congratulations, again, and don't be surprised if there is a little something extra in you prize package...

The family in your neighborhood with all the kids....can you even imagine all of the laundry at that house?!!