Look who showed up in Lynne's prize package from correctly answering my question. Let's go meet him...

Hi there!

Oh, are you shy?

Don't be nervous. It's just us. Do you have a name?

No name? No wonder you are sad!

I know. Let's think of one together. Think, think, think. Hmmm....nothing's coming to mind. I know...should we ask everyone for some help?


I bet they'll think of a really handsome name. One that shows off your wonderful qualities. Your toughness. Your rugged self. Or maybe your softer side...

Now don't get too excited. They might give you a silly name.

Alright now. That's better. Just hang tight while the suggestions come in. You'll have a name before you know it. Maybe before the sun sets. Who knows? Maybe even before I find the mates to all of my other socks.

Rumor has it that Lynne will be taking The UnNamed Sock on a few adventures. Be sure to check in with her...you just might be able to take him on a few adventures of your own. Now wouldn't that be fun?

Won't you please help us think of a name? Get those thinking caps on and those creative juices flowing. I know you can do it!

Sock on!


Fribble Fullmers said...

You don't know me, however I know Melissa, and I think you know my little boy Isaac. He loves your Hazel. We think you should name him Elmer!

Chad said...

Sockrates (like Socrates?)

Am I exempt from winning?


Maryanne said...

I think Chad is the winner! (John's suggestion was "Gingham"....Hello?! Where did THAT come from?)

Jared & Heather said...

Yes, I think he should be exempt from winning :) How about Sid-the-sock. I really can't think of anything.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

OH, I haven't checked in a few days. His pictures are darling. My little friend hasn't sat in front of me at church so I haven't been able to share his cuteness. Is it okay to take a picture in the chapel?

I will keep you posted.