this socks!

I love being a mom. I really do. I love that I "work" at home---teacher, chef, nurse, chauffeur, maid (what?? I am NOT the maid), planner, defender, referee, comforter, cheerleader (I promise I don't use my megaphone, although it might come in handy!)...but one job that I struggle with is being a laundress (if I make it sound fancy, will I like it more?)

The worst part for me is the socks. I know, I know, most of the socks in this picture are inside out. That's the way they give them to me; that's the way I give them back.

Just for fun, here's a little story problem:

Let's say that there are eight people in my family. Each person wears one clean pair of socks each day of the week (or at least I assume they do.) Two of these people also run/exercise five days each week which requires a pair of socks each time they exercise. Two of these people play basketball at least one day a week. This also requires a pair of socks each time they play. Two of these people are in gymnastics once a week which also requires a pair of socks each. Whew! This makes me tired just thinking about it. Throw in three more pairs just for fun (because you know when you're watching T.V. somehow the couch just sucks them right off your feet and they get stuck between the cushions so you have to go get a new pair.) Throw in an extra two pairs since it's winter and when you go out to play in the snow you swear you were wearing socks when you shoved your feet in your snowboots but when you pulled them out they were nowhere to be found...and chilly toes need a new pair of socks! Now for the big question:

How many socks do I wash in one year?

The first one with the correct answer gets 5 handmade greeting cards for various occasions. Either that or all of the unmatched socks in my laundry room. Take your pick.

The joy of socks...


Pam's Place said...

Would that be 7800 socks? Or did I miss some along the way?

Fun blog. I'm a first-time reader.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

8 people, one pair a day and it's leap year so that's 2,928.

2 exercise 5 days a week. 52 weeks times 5 times 2 equals 520.

2 play basketball once a week. 52weeks times 2 equals 104.

2 in gymnastics once a week. 52 times 2 equals 104 unless they take off for Thanksgiving and Christmas and then it's 102. And maybe off for vacation but I'm just assuming you are more sock needy on vacation so am leaving it at 104 becaue some socks got left at the pool at the motel and were never seen again and those people had to have extra socks to put on to go out to dinner, right?

3 more pair the couch sucks in, times 52 equals 156.

2 extra since it's winter and the boots suck them in and I'm including the summer months because they wear their socks outside and they get dirty or wet or they take them off outside, etc. AND THEY ARE NEVER SEEN AGAIN BECAUSE THEY ARE UNDER THE NEIGHBOR'S TRAMPOLINE AND THE NEIGHBOR'S DOG EAT THEM, times 52 weeks equals 104.

So, unless my math is wrong--and it was never my strong point--that's 3,916 pairs of socks.

I'm going to go lie down now. I'm exhausted.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Times two if you want the number of socks, 7,832 socks. Good grief!

nicole said...

lynette, you are a master blogger-woman! This is great. And I thought I folded a lot of socks! I was just thinking the other day that I love summer....because there aren't so many socks to deal with. Anna won't keep hers on when she walks in the door. She runs and throws them in the laundry and puts on a new pair every time we walk out the door.

It was 70 degrees today so I yelled, "Put on your flip flops!!!!"

nicole said...

and ps....I finally started giving socks back inside out too. I figure the next time they take them off, they'll be right side out. So at least 50% of the time their socks are proper.

Maryanne said...

Does the fact that I won your other contest disqualify me from this one? ;) Just wonderin'....