Luckily for me Chad doesn't work on Fridays. At least not at the office. He is the one that finally announced today that it was time to take the tree down. It always makes me kind of sad, but when it's all said and done, it's nice to get back into the swing of things. I'll just quickly say my goodbyes and get on with it.

Goodbye, favorite nativity. You are my favorite Christmas decoration. Did I mention favorite? I'd keep you up all year if I could...but then again, it's my house so why not? Hmmm...

Goodbye, bright and sparkly Christmas ornaments. We didn't break any of you this year. I guess it helps that we don't have any toddlers toddling around anymore...that and the fact that half of you are plastic. Thank goodness for plastic.

Goodbye, rustic star stocking holders that I had welded in Texas. Not me, personally. It was a big, strong welder in Texas. You know, everything is bigger and stronger in Texas. Did I mention previously that we have a sweet spot in our hearts for Texas?

Goodbye, twinkly white lights. You were such a pain putting up and taking down, but no matter what, you'll always be a part of our festivities.

Goodbye, sparkly golden topiaries. You looked beautiful above our front door. I promise to dust before putting you up there again. I bet your allergies drove you crazy.

Goodbye, faux berry and evergreen wreath. But then again, I may just keep you up for a while longer until I can find a wreath to replace you. Don't worry, I'm not replacing you for good. You'll be back out front and center next year.

Goodbye, O Tannenbaum! You were majestic in our front window...all twelve feet of you. I'm sorry we had to trim your top, but you just wouldn't fit otherwise. We all need a good trim now and then.

Goodbye, jolly old St. Nick! You were good to us this year. Very, very good. And we promise to be good this next year. Very, very good.

Goodbye, crazy wanna-be photographer. As your husband says, "Don't you think you'd better put that camera down and get busy putting all of this away?"

See you next year!


Cindy said...

I enjoyed reading your blog!! Beautiful pictures of beautiful children! We raised six children and I would do it again in the blink of an eye!!

I too,have a hard time saying goodbye to Christmas!! It will be back before you know it!!

nicole said...

Love this! And I have to change the question up a bit....which lens did you use!? :o) My favorite is the self-portrait. What I noticed? You hung your pictures! They look great!

Sarah said...

Wow, I am impressed with your photos. I love your Blog!

Justin & Di said...

hey it's me Dianna, Steph told me that she sees you guys often...I am so grateful to have had the chance to met the two of you... What a great family you have...I am excited to be able to see what is going on with the two of you.
Dianna Gwilliam

Leslie said...

i wanted to say thank you for the comment you left on my blog today. it is amazing to me how many people have reached out since aaron passed away. it brings some comfort knowing that we are in the thoughts and prayers of people that we know and people that we don't know. i truly am grateful for your loving words of comfort.
i am learning more and more each day that we, all of God's children, are connected.
thank you.
leslie *

Maryanne said...

Lynette, you are the most talented person I know! Your pictures are fabulous and your commentary of each pic is so stinkin' cute and creative!
Puts my blog to shame.....sigh.

I LOVE your picture arrangment on your wall! I need to come see what you've done to your house lately :)

Emilie Ahern said...

What AMAZING photographs. I am jealosu fo your talent. Can't wait to see more!

Jared & Heather said...

Lynette, those pictures were great! You are the most creative person I will ever know & I am sure of that. What color is the paint on your wall that I can see in the Christmas ball? It looks wonderful, too bad we've already painted our walls. Our blog is

Kelly said...
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